Running a seriousindoor cultivation operations

Means knowing what contributes to a successful yield, replicating high performers, achieving more efficiency, controlling costs, and doing it even better tomorrow.

Empowering cultivators like you is the reason why we built Cannacted. Cannected is a comprehensive farm management platform that helps you plan your batch, keep plant records, manage daily operations, all in an intuitive and user-friendly platform that anyone can use.

So you can be more effective, be more informed, be more in control, be more productive and be more profitable.

Be more effective

Cannected streamlines business processes and systems and automates workflows into one centralized platform so farmerscan manage their operations more efficiently, save money, plan, forecast and scale.

Be more in control

Know when to schedule your next batch based on capacity, see where your plants are at every grow stage, estimate production costs, anticipate supply and staffing needs, ensure consistency, and project yield outputs, and revenue.

Be in compliance

Cannected integrates and automates compliance reporting to METRC and digitize records of pesticides use that can easily be exported to the California Department of Pesticides Control.

Be more informed

Cannected collects real time data of your indoor farm operations and can integrate data from other sources into our dashboard allowing you to make faster decisions, course correct, and make constant improvements.

Be more consistent

Create templates of your SOP and record information in your digital your grow journal to keep track of plant feeds, water intake, lighting use, defoliate cadence so you can easily repeat your process for improved consistency and scalability.

See how easy it is to

Become a more efficient,

transparent, cultivator.

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