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Automate Your Workflow

Whether you want to create your own workflow or use our pre-made workflow templates to manage your batch from seeds to packaging to transfers, the Cannected batch management module automates every step of the process. Now you can dedicate your time to the tasks that actually require special attention!

Consistency Comes From Fact-Finding.

From the consumables used, to feeding schedule and environment conditions, to yield results, Cannected stores and tracks real-time data of every step, every task taken throughout the entire life cycle of your production. With these insights, you can focus on what creates a successful yield, easily deliver the consistency of yield results that you and your customers crave.

Standardized Your SOPs With Templates

We know that every grow operation is unique. You have preferred workflows, processes and your own “secret sauce” to produce your desired yield. Cannected creates templates based on your individual workflows and SOPs, and your integrated grow journal allows you to reproduce your desired yield outcomes with consistency at scale.

Prefer an effective ready-made option? Cannected provides a template pre-populated with tasks based on best practices with solutions that fit your needs.

Batch Management Features

  • Use templatized production tasks for standardization and workflow automation.
  • Assign tasks to employees with ease.
  • Tract raw materials used for production.
  • Keep a digital grow journal for quality and consistency.
  • Monitor batch grow phases, plant movements and outputs.
  • Integration with METRC to satisfy CA regulations for cannabis cultivation.

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