Built and perfected

From Ground Up

Based in San Francisco

The Cannected founders launched Cannected in 2018 to provide data-driven solutions to cultivators who struggle with partial technology. We help growers streamline and automate their farm operation by gathering data from every corner of their enterprise, and helping them extract key insights that focus their efforts on the activities that deliver the greatest profit.

Built with our users in mind

Based on hundreds of grower interviews, close communication with key stakeholders, and a year-long collaboration with one of California’s largest indoor farming enterprises, Cannected was conceived, developed and refined to accelerate the output of large-scale indoor farm operations.

We start by asking, “What do our customers need to know, and how can we help them stay in compliance?” The result is a robust and comprehensive platform, with deployable modules to fill in operational gaps, that empowers you with the insights to excel.


A Team Committed to Helping Your Farming Business Be A Success

Nancy Riveong


Iolanda Antunes


Karg Weng Lee

Sr. Product Manager

Andy Yong

System Architect

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