Be More Productive

Plan, manage, track and measure staff productivity with the
most complete suite of digital tool in any farm
management platform.

Enjoy built-in productivity tool sets

Cannected’s productivity module includes a clock-in and clock-out feature, resource planning, timesheets, task management, Gantt charts or calendars. Cannected makes it easier than ever for you and your staff to plan production, boost productivity and map your success.

Built-In Clock-In Clock-Out Feature

Manage and track your staff’s work schedule and hours through our built-in clock-in and clock-out feature. You’ll track PTO or OT requests in Cannected, and easily export timesheets for your payroll processing. Use batch templates to assign jobs to staff, while Gantt Chart or Calendar mode measures the duration of their tasks. Each staff member can view and manage their set of tasks through their own customized dashboards.

Manage Your Staff's Workload And Utilization

View all staff-assigned tasks across your facility’s batch production to ensure that no one is over or under-utilized.

Monitor And Measure In Real Time

When you’re monitoring staff tasks through out your facility, and measuring their performance to improve allocation and efficiency, Cannected gives you a complete visual that accurately aids your decision-making.

Built For Mobility

Cannected’s mobile dashboards lends your staff an added level of mobility. They can work anywhere within the facility while recording plant inventory, noting weights or wastes, creating harvest packages, or taking pictures from the convenience of their tablets.

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