Maximizing crop production begins with smart planning

Flexible, fully customizable, easy-to use space and capacity management to give you more control to plan, track plant, and maximize your canopy space.

Accurate visibility of space usage

With Cannected’s integrated space and capacity management module, you plan your activities to maximize production and achieve more yields per square footage. The data communicates precisely how you’re using your canopy space, the number of plants in each grow room, when to harvest or start new plantings, when and where to apply pesticides, and will automatically track your plant movements from room to room and anticipating your yield per square footage.

Fully Customizable

Whatever the size of your grow facility, and however you organize your spaces, you’ll create an easy-to-read, digital breakdown within our capacity management module.

Real Time Visibility

Use Cannected’s facility management dashboard to track plant counts, space utilization, crop strain arrangements, and to monitor the phases of your batches in all rooms.

Data-Driven Planning

You’ll know when to harvest and when to start new plantings based on space utilization, and you’ll know how many plants you can grow in each grow room. Use insightful data to benchmark your canopy space across different crop types and identify the ways to improve and encourage healthy growth by either increasing the space in between plants, or removing wasted space to maximize production.

IPM Tracking

Streamline your pesticide reporting. With Cannected’s IPM tracking, you eliminate the paper trail of pesticide application records and staff signatures. For easy and accurate reporting, Cannected records when and what type of pesticides are used in your facility, and the staff member who applied them.

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